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We are located at bradenton along east state road 64 just a mile from home depot, walmart and toyota. Same plaza as Thai wasabi

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Plenty of parking available

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About us

CoActiv PT is a family-owned private practice specializing in Orthopedic Pain Management and Training athletes/runners perform at their highest level without pain and away from any injuries.

What We Offer

Step 1:

Collect Information

Initial Assessment
Comprehensive Current Health & Previous Injury Analysis + Movement Screen + Physical Performance Tests

Step 2:

Control Pain

Treat the pain!
Manual Therapy + Therapeutic Exercises + Progressive Functional Training

Step 3:

Continue Living

Progress and Prevent Reinjury
Specialized maintenance and home program

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About CoActiv Physical Therapy in Manatee and Sarasota County

83+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Rachel Flanagan

“100% recommend CoActiv PT for your therapy. PT Sabino helped me so much with pain in my shoulder blade I had been dealing with for over a year with dry needling. It worked magic! I really needed help with strength but have multiple herniated discs from auto accidents. Sabino had the perfect program to strengthen me without aggravating my old injuries. With my new found strength I don’t notice my old injury pain nearly as much. Thank you Sabino for getting me ready for snowboarding season in Colorado!! It is just what I needed!!”

- Crystal Nichols

“I started having sacroiliac joint dysfunction recently so I contacted Emil at CoActiv. He did a very thorough assessment by doing several muscle tests and asking me questions to determine exactly what was going on regarding my weaknesses, hyper mobility and where I was experiencing pain. Then he educated me and gave me a home exercise program. Emil is so knowledgeable! I am finally feeling better now! I know how to self treat my issue and if I ever have a need for a PT I will be returning.”
Sabino Cocos - Owner of Coactiv

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