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Do you have trouble walking, running, jumping, going downstairs, or performing other everyday tasks because of discomfort in your ankles or feet?

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Tissues Recover. The body is meant to mend itself, but occasionally it gets stuck in the inflammatory phase of tissue repair and needs assistance to get to the recovery phase.

The correlation between x-ray and MRI imaging results and the source of discomfort is typically weak. Imaging can reveal tissue damage that does not produce discomfort or functional difficulties. It is also conceivable for there to be no apparent results on imaging despite the presence of pain, which is typically the consequence of hypersensitive nerve tissue.

Not only is post-exercise soreness not desirable, but it is also not usually cause for alarm. True strength improvements necessitate a system overload that generates micro-damage. As the tissue heals, it becomes thicker and more robust than it was previously. Soreness should be utilized to determine if the tissue is ready to take on an additional load, if it should remain at the current level, or if the training intensity should be reduced until the tissue is better prepared.

A return to previous/desired activities is nearly always achievable through education, adequate mechanics, and incremental tissue loading.

You don’t have to sacrifice the runs you love over problems that can be fixed.

Dr. Sabino Emil Cocos
Co-owner of CoActiv Physical Therapy

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- Rachel Flanagan

“100% recommend CoActiv PT for your therapy. PT Sabino helped me so much with pain in my shoulder blade I had been dealing with for over a year with dry needling. It worked magic! I really needed help with strength but have multiple herniated discs from auto accidents. Sabino had the perfect program to strengthen me without aggravating my old injuries. With my new found strength I don’t notice my old injury pain nearly as much. Thank you Sabino for getting me ready for snowboarding season in Colorado!! It is just what I needed!!”

- Crystal Nichols

“I started having sacroiliac joint dysfunction recently so I contacted Emil at CoActiv. He did a very thorough assessment by doing several muscle tests and asking me questions to determine exactly what was going on regarding my weaknesses, hyper mobility and where I was experiencing pain. Then he educated me and gave me a home exercise program. Emil is so knowledgeable! I am finally feeling better now! I know how to self treat my issue and if I ever have a need for a PT I will be returning.”