Runners/ Triathlete Rehab and Performance

Complete Running Analysis

Our Runners evaluation are up to date and evidence based as we perform a thorough assessment of a persons overall running mobility, strength, and power. We evaluate injured runners and runners who aim to improve their overall performance.

Strength and Power Training

Our PT Doctors are sports and running specialists and has devoted a lot of training and research towards endurance athletes. The holy grail of healthy running is optimizing performance by maximizing muscle recoil while minimizing repetitive loading impact effect on to the body, this is achieved by development of strength and power.

Endurance Athlete's Recovery

Manual therapeutic techniques for pain management, improving joint mobility, reducing muscle tightness, facilitating blood flow and healing are essential to a runner/ Triathlete. Here at CoActiv PT we specialize in combining the best recovery treatments specific to your body needs such as dry needling, sports massage, joint manipulations, and variety of muscle stretching/ relaxation techniques.

Endurance Athlete's Education

Our PT Doctors enjoy discussing the basics of running, cycling and swimming, the biomechanical foundation of each endurance athlete’s injuries. We make sure that all the techniques and exercises that we will be implementing are understood by each of our athletes, as to why we are performing it, what are we targeting, how we are going to progress/modify each of these and what we are expecting from it.

Customized Athletes Home Program

We will develop a personalized program for you, focusing on strength and power which is modified depending on your injury. We have an app where we will monitor you 24/7, this app includes specific strength training and plyometric videos with clear instructions and the best part is the accountability the app notifies us if you have completed your assigned program for the day or not.