Why We Don't Work With Insurance


Why we are out of network with private insurance companies (Except Medicare and Auto Insurance)

In-network health insurance indirectly limits Physical Therapy Doctors in providing a service at an optimal level. This becomes evident when observing certain in-network clinics, where PTs divide their attention among 2-3 patients during the same appointment slot. This practice often results in inconsistent interactions with different clinicians in each session and occasionally being attended to by assistants or aides. Unfortunately, these factors collectively contribute to a potential decline in the overall quality of care provided.

Being an out-of-network clinic enables us to prioritize the well-being of our clients and athletes. This means we can offer exclusive 1-on-1 private sessions lasting a full 60 minutes. We provide continuous accountability and monitoring through our software, available around the clock. Your sessions will consistently be conducted by the same PT Doctor, ensuring personalized care. Moreover, our approach ensures that you won’t repeat the same exercises in every session. Our unique system is designed to accelerate the recovery of injured patients with fewer visits, while also promoting sustained long-term progress.

Can I still use my health insurance?

Certainly! However, the extent of coverage relies on your Out-of-Network benefit. We will take care of reporting your payments to the insurance company, and we have an app to track your reimbursements. The actual amount you receive back will depend on your specific plan and whether you’ve already fulfilled your out-of-network deductible; generally, reimbursement for most or all of your visits will kick in after meeting this deductible.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About CoActiv Physical Therapy in Manatee and Sarasota County

70+ 5-Star Reviews!

- John S

“I’ve been working with Sabino for the past few months to build up strength in my leg muscles. He’s been great – designing a program specifically for my needs. I highly recommend him and suggest anybody having any physical related issues to check out how they might be able to help you.”

- Juan Nieto

“Dr. Sabino is fantastic. Very thorough in his assessment and treatment plan. He does a great job with helping you progress towards your goals or returning back to your preinjury capabilities. My shoulder is feeling great and now I have exercises to keep it healthy.”

- Rajula M

“Dr. Sabino is very kind, thorough and extremely knowledgeable. I had taken a fall a few years back and he was able to identify my diagnosis quickly. He gave me an exercise regime and I am already seeing the positive effects of these. Dr. Sabino has also followed up several times after our appointment. I highly recommend his services.”