Shoulder pinching? Get rid of it quickly (Part 2)

“I always recommend that if you are having a musculoskeletal pain, you should also seek answers on how to strengthen the involved area instead of just asking how to get rid of pain”

What you will learn from this post is the basics of getting rid of shoulder pain through targeted muscle activation and strengthening

Target the correct muscles

For strengthening your shoulder there are 2 muscle groups that should activate. These are your rotator cuff muscles (click here for exercise video and discussion) and your scapular stabilizers (video below)


Your Rotator cuff muscles consist of fibers that holds and cuffs your humerus to its socket on the scapula, making your rotator cuff muscles the main stabilizers, but then since the socket is a part of your scapula, you have to make sure that the scapula is also stabilized on the rib cage. 


Below are 2 great exercises for your scapular stabilizers:

1. Prone Ys

2. Face Pulls

As your pain gets better and shoulder starts to feel more stable make sure you don’t stop there!

You should progress and keep strengthening your shoulder because you are still at risk for reinjury.


Progress your exercises by adding resistance/ using weights or bands and by performing more functional overhead activities.


In the video below are 3 moderates to advanced exercises which will help you regain your shoulder function and develop shoulder strength to keep you away from reinjury.


1. 90-90 Shoulder External Rotations

2. Shoulder Diagonal Patterns with Resistance Bands

3. Snow Angels


*these 3 exercises are recommended to be performed with a trained professional supervising your form and posture for you to achieve best results.


Still unsure on what’s going on with your shoulder pain?


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