Shoulder pinching? Get rid of it quickly (Part 1)

Regain your shoulder function without surgery, medications or injections!

Limited with your shoulder range of motion with pain? most people who initially experience this will just ignore their shoulder symptoms until it gets worse.  There are 3 shoulder conditions that commonly develops after the initial onset: Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff Tear and Shoulder instability. Tears do sound serious but is very manageable without needing any surgery. Getting back to doing what you love, lifting, reaching, playing with your grand kids is possible even with the most severe shoulder cases as long as you know how your shoulder works!

Stretching, Mobility Training and Strengthening

3 intervention principles for shoulder rehabilitation:

  1. Stretching
  2. Mobility Training
  3. Muscle Strengthening and Control Training

1. Stretch the right way!

Here are basic shoulder stretches which you can perform if you are experiencing moderate to severe shoulder pain these are called slides stretches. Most people suffering from chronic shoulder pain, finds quick relief with these exercises and consistently doing this every day provides notable improvement as quick as 3-5 days. See video below:

Stretching should not be painful. It’s all about the duration of the stretch and not the intensity. Research suggested that 15 seconds hold yields to a clinically significant increase in tissue extensibility.

2. Now let’s move the Joint!

The easiest you can do for your injured shoulder, is to find a motion that is pain free or tolerable then perform this movement 15-20 repetitions 3-4 times a day. Don’t let your joint be stiff! Use it or lose it! What will you lose? your strength, mobility and circulation, which further causes poor healing.

Scaptions and Shoulder Rotations are 2 range of motion exercises which will help promote blood flow in your shoulders. For moderate to severe shoulder pain do these in a pain free to at least <3/10 pain at the most range of motion as you can without compensatory movements. See video below:

Done with Stretching and Mobility? then head to the next phase, we will soon be posting Part 2! for shoulder strengthening and stabilization exercises and the specific muscles to target for your shoulders to get back moving pain free and away from reinjury.

Want to know more in detail on what’s going on with your shoulder?

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