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A 1-on-1 Approach to Help Athletes & Active Adults of Manatee County Move Better, Live Pain-Free, and Achieve Peak Performance

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About Us

CoActiv PT is a family-owned private practice. A team of Physio Doctors specializing in Sports and Orthopedic Rehab and Training athletes/active adults perform at their highest level without pain.

The 3 COs of CoActiv

Step 1:

Control the Pain/Symptoms

Get rid of the pain quickly!

We follow best evidence on combined Manual Techniques, Therapeutic Exercises and Education specific to getting rid of your pain and symptoms the quickest way possible

Step 2:

Correct the Root Cause

Fix the Issue!

With our knowledge in movement patterns, specific techniques, and personalized programs to improve your strength, mobility, and recovery we can help you identify and completely fix the root cause

Step 3:

Continue Moving With Improved Performance

Build a resilient body!

From getting rid of your symptoms to fixing the main issue, our last step is to make sure you continue progressing to prevent reinjury and for you to be at your peak performance

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About CoActiv Physical Therapy in Manatee and Sarasota County

83+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Jasmina K

I’d tried PT before for my disc issue and sciatica with no luck. As a young professional who works a demanding full time job, it is impossible to work 40 hrs a week and travel to physical therapy 3 times a week. It just doesn’t work for me. I struggled going on and off and finally gave up with no relief. My pain got so bad i sought out other options and then found CoActiv. After a phone call with Sabino and a consultation it sounded like it would work for me. I was amazed at the individualized attention to my progress as well as any issues i had. They were always a message away. There were no unnecessary office visits if he felt like I wasn’t progressing or needed more work on something-I just followed the prompts on the app and updated him with my progress. It was so convenient for my job schedule and allowed me to do my exercises on my time. I am 100% satisfied and feel better than i have in years. I highly recommend CoActiv to anyone who’s tired of the PT assembly line at regular facilities.

- Mack M

Coactiv physical therapy changed my life. I was originally told that my knee pain was incurable (they just didn’t know how to diagnose it) and that I should stop playing basketball all together. That wasn’t an option. I went to 2 other PT’s before finding Dr. Sabino and Coactiv. Dr. Sabino was able to breakdown exactly what was wrong with my knees and lay out a detailed plan on the first appointment. After 3 weeks my knee pain had subsided to less than half of what it was. Now about 2 or so months in and I have never felt better. I feel like a new player because of Dr. Sabino. I am 2 knee surgeries in (Nov 2019 & Nov 2020) and I can confidently say my knees are healthier than ever. Any questions you have are not only answered by Dr. Sabino, but the mechanism and the why are explained in detail. I truly believe Dr. Sabino is my guardian Angel and I can’t recommend Coactiv enough.

- Lindsey E

I started seeing Dr. Sabino for shin splits during training for my first ever Ironman triathlon. I was in such pain I couldn’t even run which was not conducive to my training and goals. I purchased 12 sessions and saw him once a week. From my first appt he was incredibly knowledgeable and I could tell he sincerely wanted to help me get better. I looked forward to my appointments every week and would always leave feeling relief. I took a couple weeks off at first but he was able to get me back in working order very soon after. His wife Dr. Yna is also wonderful and did dry needling in my calf’s which was amazing for my stubborn legs. I now consider them part of my team when it comes to training and prepping for my races. I cannot recommend them enough!!

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Dr. Sabino Emil Cocos

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Kevin Velasco

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